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Archaeology Skills

This page contains our pick of the best archaeology skills and information resources on the web. Please be aware that the resources collated here are for information purposes only and are not endorsed by the Council for British Archaeology North West.

If you have a resource that you find useful and would like to share or recommend it to be included on this page. Please contact us at .

Council for British Archaeology

The Briefing page of the national Council for British Archaeology details fieldwork opportunities, conferences and training on offer throughout the UK.

For training, conferences and fieldwork opportunities in the North West, please see our Events page.

ADS – Archaeology Data Service

The Archaeology Data Service is a central repository for digital archaeology and heritage data in the UK. Here you can find information such as published and unpublished reports and archive information.

You can also find the Council for British Archaeology research reports on the ADS here.

BAJR – British Archaeological Jobs and Resources

A comprehensive and free collection of professional guides on all aspects of archaeology from BAJR. Learn to plan, excavate, record and identify finds. There is also information on software, insurance, training opportunities and field schools.

Archaeology Skills Passport

The Archaeology Skills Passport is an excellent resource to record the progression of your skills in archaeology. Record your training and progress in the passport and use the record as a basis for further development or for a future career in archaeology.

ISGAP – Guidelines for Archaeological Excavation and Recording Techniques

English Heritage and the Council for British Archaeology has funded the creation of this Archaeological Recording Practices Guide. The guide gives a good basic outline of the steps required to record features.

For more in-depth guidance around archaeological practice please see the Introduction to Standards and Guidance in Archaeological Practice (ISGAP) website.

Scotland’s Rural Past – A Practical Guide to Recording Archaeological Sites

A useful guide to recording archaeological sites from the Scotland’s Rural Past project. The project has now ended but the guide can be found archived here.

Buckinghamshire Archaeological Society – Historic Buildings Group Resources

A collection of practical guides from Buckinghamshire Archaeological Society on how to carry out an historic building survey.

Video Resources


ArchaeoDuck YouTube channel dedicated to fun and educational archaeology videos including the virtual field school focussing on archaeological fieldwork techniques.


The Meerstone YouTube channel is a series of training videos aimed at community archaeology groups.

Meerstone Archaeological Consultancy also produce the free Meerstone Community Archaeology Manual.

Scotland’s Rural Past Archaeological Survey Training Videos

Measured Survey Using Tape and Offset
Measured Survey Using a Plane Table
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